Friday, November 19, 2010

"Bored Now . . ."

Ahhh, this brave, new world we live in, wherein independent thought is highly encouraged until it is voiced, and where marker-huffing adolescents permeate our society with their spaced-out ways . . . this world where everybody wants "change" but nobody wants to work for it. Good times, noodle salad--that's modern life, ain't it? Of course, some of us are struggling just to be able to afford the noodles, so salad may be out of the question entirely. Especially if you're majoring in journalism, if my esteemed professor is to be believed. Myyyy gosh, JRN 1100 has to be the biggest Depress-O-Fest I've ever encountered. All we do in that class is bewail the decline of the modern newspaper--indeed, the print medium in general. No joy is to be found within the dark halls of Middlebush (yeah, I know, "that's what she said"), not with Dr. V. on duty. The material about breakthroughs in technology are viewed with a quirky sort of apprehension, as though the Internet itself is a sleeping bear, and we as journalists are inching ever closer to the honeycomb it guards, steadily approaching our own inevitable doom as the bear awakens and makes its snarling rise to power. Yeah, and I nearly fell asleep in class a few times, too. HA!

I know this is mainly just incoherent rambling, and I do deeply apologize. The fact of the matter is, I am about to undertake the 5-hour journey back home for Thanksgiving break, and I'm just waiting for my roommates to wake up so I can wish them well and be on my way. I'm extremely stoked to be going home, even though I have a veritable crap-ton of homework to burn through before the week is out, in addition to an online economics quiz due this weekend . . . UGH! Anyhoo, please forgive my pointless ramblings--I'm just excited to be going home, for the first time in over a month!

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