Friday, June 28, 2013

For your enjoyment, the Incredible Floating Passenger!

I was playing Red Dead Redemption a while back, and something odd happened. Not "Cougar Man" odd, but odd nevertheless. Our fearless, peerless hero John Marston happened to be hanging around the railroad camp near Tall Trees, when he suddenly bore witness to this:

That dude is floating. Literally floating above the railroad tracks, as if the train has left the station and he's still there. And he just stayed there.

I walked Marston all around him for the better part of five minutes. Then I remembered I had a camera right next to my bed, so I decided to snap some photos of this, probably the strangest video game phenomenon I've seen so far.

Still there. 
After a while, the guy still hadn't moved, so I walked even closer to him. Finally, he decided he'd had enough of the whole David Blaine schtick and dropped back down to terra firma.

At which point he walked away. I dunno, just thought I'd share. Anybody else find funny stuff in video games lately?

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