Monday, April 4, 2011

A COMPLETE Waste of Your Time and Mine

Here’s a text conversation I had last Thursday. It all started with this:

Her:  Hey its lexie this is my new #

Me:  Im sorry, im not sure i know a Lexie. Who is this?

Her:  Lexie n social studies duhh u go out with Hannah h u knoww who I am

Me:  Haha, im really sorry, but you have the wrong number. My name is Chris, and im in college. I think you must have typed a digit wrong or something.

Her:  No u r lieing I know its u

Me:  If you dont believe me, call me. I will tell you in my own voice what i am telling you now: you have the wrong number.

Her:  What ever.

Me:  Im sorry, maam, but its the truth. My name is Chris, im not in social studies, im not dating anyone named Hannah, and i wouldn’t lie to someone about it. Check the number--shoot, ask Hannah. You don’t know me.

Her (I kid you not, this is exactly what she texts):  How do u know hannah?

Me:  I dont! But you said i was dating someone named Hannah, so she can tell you THE NUMBER IS WRONG! Call her right now and ask her.

Her:  Ok 

Thus endeth the conversation, completely unedited for crappy texting grammar. Yep, it wasted my time every much as I just wasted yours. I just thought it was funny.   ;)

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