Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of the New Beginning . . . on to the Rest.

So it's the end of final's week, and I'm free at last (free to take over the WORLD, mu-hu-ha-ha-HAAAAHH!!!!). It's been a long semester, full of a lot of big changes and genuine wake-up calls, and I've got a lot to reflect on, so bear with me. Let's be honest, this whole blog thing is just as much a therapeutic tool for me as it is humorous entertainment for you, so please don't begrudge me the opportunity to speak my mind once again.

First, though, I must share with you all my "Quote of the Moment." I heard this from a random girl who happened to exit Campus Bar & Grill with a group of her friends at the same time we did. It was extremely cold that day, with a horrific wind a'blowing, and she--ever so eloquently--proclaimed "Holy Santa Claus s**t! It's freezing!"

Thanks. I'm here all week. Do try the veal--it's lovely.

So it's been a turbulent first semester in the "big city." I think I've learned a lot, not just in purely academic terms but also as a person . . . about life, about the people around me, about myself. It's been a time of firsts--first time living, essentially, on my own (give or take a roommate or four); first time cooking the majority of my own meals, with varying degrees of success (but no real failures, thank goodness!); first alcoholic beverage (if you count the gay-@$$ drink my roommate asked me to taste for a party. It was less than a cup, and it was terrible!); first time eating at IHOP (celebrating late after a football game--ohhh, giggity!); first time working as a telemarketer . . . ugh; first time having cable TV and wireless internet in my own home (I don't know how I survived 21 years without them); first time seeing a decent football team in action live (MSU-Springfield does NOT count); first time I ever stayed up all night jamming with a friend who plays the guitar; first time learning a foreign language; first time seeing a keg stand in action; first time playing beer pong, for that matter (and let me tell you, it's REALLY entertaining when you're NOT drunk, because you can actually remember the nutty drunk girl who tries to distract you with her cleavage the next morning); first time playing "Jeopardy!" at work, and subsequently proving my dominance!

I met a lot of amazing people this semester, many of whom are my new coworkers. Indeed, it was a coworker--a supervisor, even--who invited me to my first kegger, and properly demonstrated a keg stand--but that is beside the point. Anyway, my coworkers are a great, eclectic assortment of people, and they manage to make an often-thankless job interesting. I also met fascinating new people in my classes (sometimes because of bagels, sometimes just because we ended up sitting next to each other a lot), and just in my everyday interactions at the gym, in town, at parties, etc. But you know what the best thing was? Reconnecting with people I used to know from way back. Some were people I had taken a veritable crap-ton of classes with, some I had only met maybe once or twice. Then there are the people who aren't here, per se, but whom I reconnected with on Facebook after so many years (a late-night chat with a girl I used to know and like two-plus years ago really made my day . . . even though it dredges up regrets of words left unsaid and actions left undone). But the great thing is, they're all amazing people. I kid you not, it seems as though all the truly good, kind people I knew from years past--the ones who just sort of drifted away--are up here now, and it's kind of like coming home (without Mom's incredible cooking, of course). It's so funny how the people I barely knew then are my best friends here now, and that also goes for my roommates. We didn't really know each other that well--heck, we were all a little apprehensive about moving in together--but now we're tight, homes! We's stickin' together like Velcro, yo! And even though having a fifth person move into the house sounded like a bad idea at the time, it's actually been the best thing that could possibly have happened. We're five brothers, and we all are blessed to be living in a great house in a great town, with so many great things and great people around us. This rocks. But you know what? I am sooooo glad I'm going home for Christmas break. I love it here, and my roommates are as dear and close as any brothers could be, but after a certain point, you still need to get away . . . to regroup, to heal, and then face the next round of academic perdition with newfound strength and confidence. Also, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed . . . the one I've got up here is fine, but there's no bed like home!

Like I said, though, my roommates rock. I'm always going to remember the great moments . . . an odd (yet amazing) attempt at writing a pirate musical which turned into a crazy song with Mr. E shouting "Booooooty! BOOOOOOO-tayyyyyyyyyYYYYY!!" in a lovely falsetto; Mr. G slightly drunk, laughing his butt off, and speaking in hushed whispers while playing "Halo" because he was (irrationally) afraid our neighbor, Cathy, would be awakened and get upset; Mr. B's perpetual enthusiasm, and exuberant declarations of, "HELL, yeah!"; Mr. D taking us for a ride in his Lexus--NIIIIICE!!; staying up all hours of the night (and day) playing "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" on Mr. B's X-Box (believe me when I say things got crazy after about 6 hours); "Jeopardy!", at work and at home--I even wrote up an entire round of questions myself for a party, which led to all manner of chaos ensuing (in a good way, of course); lots of great meals at Campus, Which Wich?, Fuddrucker's, Shakespeare's, etc; Mr. E throwing up into his shirt and heaving it out the window of a moving car--what the--?!!  In a nutshell, we've had some great times, and I know the best is yet to come!

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